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Odour Impact Assessment

Odour emissions are one of the prime causes of adverse effects on physical and mental health in an environment...

Air Quality Impact Assessment

The quality of air within a vicinity is a significant factor to maintain a standard quality of life...

Occupational Noise Assessment

Workplace noise assessments are required as part of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 ...

Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)

The major indoor air pollutants are Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Radon, Biological pollutants...

Indoor Noise Testing

Sounds at or below 70dBA are considered to be acceptable. Noise above 85dBA increases...

Indoor Light Testing

Improper lighting is associated with severe physical discomfort such as, headaches, eye-strains...

COVID-19 Testing & Clearance

A COVID-19 antibody test is a blood test that detects the COVID-19 causing viruses. This test has the...

Occupational Hygiene Testing

Occupational hygiene assessments are required as part of the Work Health and Safety...

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Enviro Corp

Enviro Corp is an environmental consultancy firm based in Sydney, Australia. Enviro Corp provides environmental consultancy services in the area of ambient air quality impact assessments and odour impact assessment for development applications or ongoing compliance. Enviro Corp also provides workplace health and safety services including Occupational Hygiene Testing, Occupational Noise Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing, Including Light Testing and Noise Testing.

As an environmental consulting firm, Enviro Corp aids any workplace to assess the quality of the indoor environment of the facility and prevent potential environmental hazards. Management of odour, measuring the quality of the air, examining whether the environment has acceptable noise levels, testing and suggesting the optimum light levels to boost productivity and quality of life, providing testing and clearance of the COVID-19 pandemic is a list of the departments we currently specialise in. 

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What does an Environmental Consultant do?

Environment consultancy is one of the most underrated aspects of the modern world. In a world where the state of the environment has been deteriorating for such a long time, the role of an environmental consultant is becoming more ...